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co-operations building

We have long recognized that technology is a key component for successful logistics. As demand for speed continues to compound exponentially, and expectations for service spread around the globe, Co-Operations meets these new challenges by staying on the forefront of innovation.

We use EXTENSIV 3PL Warehouse Manager as the foundation of our WMS. EXTENSIV is a comprehensive cloud-based 3PL order management and warehouse management system. The system actively engages its user community into sharing best practices and collaboration. In turn, we apply what is learned from this community to stay ahead of the changing demands of the marketplace. All of our clients benefit from the continuum of weekly software releases, proactive user communities, and problem solving resources that EXTENSIV affords us. Through this technology investment, we are able to provide the best solutions for a dynamic industry.

Our commitment to keeping pace with advancing standards sets us apart in this industry. The benefits to our clients are clear:

  • Real-time customer access to orders, reciepts, and product management.
  • Document scans and product images
  • Streamlines customer communication
  • Cloud storage
  • Reporting
  • Multi-location inventory tracking
  • Rate shopping